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Swine Technician

Work locations: Victoria / Queensland / Western Australia / South Australia

Salary: 55,000 AUD per year

Minimum experience required: 3 years


  • Candidate must hold one of these degrees: BS Agriculture or Doctor in Veterinary Medicine
  • Must have at least 3 years work experience in a swine farm

Duties and responsibilities   

  • Daily farm monitoring of feeding, medication and general health condition of pigs,
  • Detect oestrous and mate breeding stock
  • Diagnose pregnancy in breeding stock
  • Perform standard artificial breeding procedures
  • Assist sows and piglets at farrowing
  • Provide feed and water for stock
  • Apply animal identification system
  • Move, draft and weigh stock
  • Remove and dispose of effluent
  • Dispose of deceased stock
  • Mix and mill stockfeed
  • Care for sick or injured stock
  • Apply and adhere to quarantine procedures
  • Administer routine preventative or curative drug treatment
  • Maintain herd health status at an acceptable level

Download the Job Seeker's Form and email the completed form, together with your trade qualifications and certificates to Only qualified applicants will be contacted.








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Swine Technician

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Get the Job Seeker's Form* here:

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